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3D Cover

Book cover and release date reveal! – The Spirit in the Crypt

So, it’s been a busy week, and as such I am delighted to reveal the book cover for The Spirit in the Crypt, WITH an official blurb, AND an official release date: 10th JUNE 2019!!

The book will be available in both paperback and e-book from Amazon, available for pre-order from 7th June 2019!

This book has been 2 years in the making, and I am delighted to be so close to you all being able to read it!

Do check out the official book cover and blurb below! I hope you all have a great weekend!


3D Cover


When fifteen-year-old Jonathan Roberts goes out with his friends on a summer night, he doesn’t expect to be forced to enter a crypt by Francis Everton. To be forced to look at skeletons decaying in their graves.

To hear the voice, screaming at him. Screaming into his mind. Commanding him to leave.

What the voice in the crypt belongs to, he can only wonder. A demon? A ghost? It gives him nightmares for weeks afterwards. Of skeletons strangling him. And then, bizarrely, of a girl from his school, making the long walk across the graveyard and entering the crypt. Never to come out before his waking.

When he returns to school in September, he never expects to learn that something awful has happened to the girl, turning his fear to panic.

Panic which will force him to unravel the mystery of the crypt, and in doing so, many mysteries about himself.


Book Update: Writing the Blurb

The Spirit in the Crypt is written, edited and ready to go.

Well, at least, the manuscript is.

After this, of course, there are lots of little things to consider when self-publishing your book. For example: the book cover, the writer bios, the author photo, the font sizes, and so on, and so on.

But one of the key parts of the book is the blurb.

Apart from the front cover, it’s often the first thing people look at before buying or reading a book. And this makes it one of the most important things to consider.

I’ve written three different blurbs, and have re-written each several times. Finally, I think I am close to having one that I am happy with. But I am meticulous, so there could still be changes yet.

The main problem is making it sound exciting without trying to give too much away. After a while though, you change it and re-read it so many times that your brain starts to ache and you just have to put the thing down for a while.

I am sure though that I will have something to share with you soon!

Apart from this, I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday nights (I’m currently enjoying mine watching Chelsea against Sheffield Wednesday!).