Book Update: Writing the Blurb

The Spirit in the Crypt is written, edited and ready to go.

Well, at least, the manuscript is.

After this, of course, there are lots of little things to consider when self-publishing your book. For example: the book cover, the writer bios, the author photo, the font sizes, and so on, and so on.

But one of the key parts of the book is the blurb.

Apart from the front cover, it’s often the first thing people look at before buying or reading a book. And this makes it one of the most important things to consider.

I’ve written three different blurbs, and have re-written each several times. Finally, I think I am close to having one that I am happy with. But I am meticulous, so there could still be changes yet.

The main problem is making it sound exciting without trying to give too much away. After a while though, you change it and re-read it so many times that your brain starts to ache and you just have to put the thing down for a while.

I am sure though that I will have something to share with you soon!

Apart from this, I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday nights (I’m currently enjoying mine watching Chelsea against Sheffield Wednesday!).

Why do I write?

What makes me write? After a long week of teaching English, what makes me want to sit at my laptop and put my fingers to the keys, and type?

Some of it must be perseverance, or just plain stubbornness. But writing allows you to do something that life doesn’t often give the opportunity for you to do.

Namely, express yourself.

It allows you to say what you want to say, to create what you want to create, to be who you want to be. As soon as you start writing, if you’re really writing, that is, you no longer become the writer. You become the character. You are the character walking across the grass, pushing against the crypt door, observing all that exists around you. You are the ghost, invading the syrup of minds. You are the graveyard, the stones, every individual blade of grass.

Your mind can go wherever it wants, see whatever it wants to see. And I believe that is what draws me back to writing every time. After a long day at work, that is what makes me sit down and write.

Now, over to you. Why do you like to write? If you don’t write, what would make you start?

Let me know in the comments below.


The Journey Begins

Roll up, come in, welcome!

This is my new blog, where I will write and post about everything that happens in my world, and more.

Here, you can keep up-to-date with news, interviews, reviews, and just general thoughts from me.

This is also where I will be posting updates about my new book series, The Jonny Roberts Series, soon to be started with the release of the Spirit in the Crypt. If you love horror, or a dark story, then stay tuned!

For now though, ta ta, and you’ll hear a bit more from me in a couple of days, with my first full post about why I got into writing in the first place!

P.S. This isn’t the only place you can hear about me. Do be sure to follow my Facebook (just one easy click on the right-hand-side of this page!).